Tomato Net the best cultural practice for farmers

Tomato Net the best cultural practice for farmers



Tomato net the best cultural practice for farmers,  is a method that protects the plant during its growth for a good development. The tomato is an herbaceous plant that grows easily, however, requires a little care for its fruits can grow healthy and taste good. When planting tomato seed quality must be selected to ensure its resistance to the development of the tomato plant.


Tomato net is a method that protects the plant during its growth

After the tomato seed has germinated and the plant has grown to a size of 20 cm is performed transplanting tomato, It should seek to bury the plants as deeply as possible, because the stems are rather fragile compared to the weight of the fruits and you must provide a strong base. Wooden sticks of 1.50 meters are used to support the extra weight of the tomato net, and so prevent soil and moisture putrefaction touch with preventing diseases in fruit. Depending on the type of tomato, will use the stand with wooden sticks tied to the mesh fastened with clips for tomato and sustain the plantation, for example, the cherry tomatoes are very small and do not pose an extra burden for the plant will depend the species of tomato plant for support. Once installed vegetable support net like tomatoes, the plant begins to grow leaning of this material developed in a better way their foliage, benefiting  entry  sunlight into tomato net plants reducing moisture and thus lowering  of formation of pathogen in the grow.

Tomato net the best cultural practice.

This practice of installing tomato net farmer helps prevent future diseases that damage its plantation, saving spending some agricultural products to control pests and bacteria intomato plants, providing  the development of a healthier more organic fruit. Using tomato net generates several advantages in planting tomatoes and otherhorticultural nettingdecrease the arrival of pests and fungal or bacteria, to benefit the tomato plant for ventilation and increased uptake of sunlight diseases developing plant photosynthesis facilitating the absorption of nutrients by providing more flowering and pollination.

tomato net the best cultural practice for farmers in growing tomato plants and other vegetables planting support with this simple method.

With these advantages there is more fruit formation a positive benefit for the farmer, to get more fruit during harvest increases the chances of commerce.

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